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Common aspects of website design

Benefits of Attractive Website Layouts

Website layout is the primary noticed element in a web design. The layout is nothing but the way your icons, pictures and all your web contents are aligned in a soothing way, which could attract the viewers. A web design should have a well-executed and an appealing layout. A well designed website layout is what makes the online surfer stay glued to your website. So it’s highly important to understand the need of attractive website layouts, to enhance the visual quality.

Website Layouts

Web marketing is one of the most effective yet affordable ways to advertise. It starts by designing a good website! Following are a few guidelines to make your website layouts quite attractive and appealing.

Brief the Services

Your website layout should contain the complete list of services you provide and how far it’ll be useful for the people who browse through your website. The design should be simple yet elegant, that you shouldn’t stuff all your services in one single page. By piling up too much of information, the reader tends to get disturbed and irritated. It may even cause parallax error at times, thus paving way to lose a potential customer.

Simple Website Layouts

Nowadays, many flash animations and graphical representations are used way too far in a few websites. Though it entertains and awes the user, it may backfire at times. It is because of the low bandwidth used by the users in most parts of India. The huge graphical layouts will take extra time to load and people with less bandwidth may get annoyed waiting to enter your website.

Placement of Contents

The contents including the descriptions, images, videos, feedback form, discussion boards, etc. should all be placed in consistently in the same place of the website. When you the change the position of the contents in each page, it will disturb the reader visually. Even the links and navigational menus should be placed in order so that the reader feels it easy and interested in surfing through your website.

Color Scheme

Maintaining a color scheme for your website layout is very important. Each page shouldn’t be designed with different patterns. Though each page will feature different information and images, the main design elements should be consistent throughout the site. The reason behind sticking to a particular color scheme is that, it will be easy to recognize your brand when the user sees the color alone!


The font size should be reader friendly enabling them to read the contents on the website easily. Appropriate fonts will enhance the beauty of your web design. It should not be too small or too big. A font size of 11 or 12 is the best suitable for any website. Following are the fonts which are widely preferred in various website layouts across the world.

  • Arial
  • Courier New
  • Georgia
  • Helvetica
  • Times New Roman
  • Trebuchet MS
  • Verdana

These are a few guidelines to have an attractive website layout which could make reading more interesting for the online users.

Services Offered by Web Designing Companies

Web Designing [Internet Marketing] Internet Marketing [E-commerce Solutions] E-commerce Solutions

Website designing companies offer a wide variety of services to the users who are not that well versed in web designing. You just have to give them your requirements and a time limit. Here are a few services that you can avail from the website designing services.

Website Designing

  • Portals for jobs, matrimonial and real estate and be designed in different layouts of your choice.
  • By choosing the best company in the market you can augment your business through internet.
  • Both static and dynamic website services are offered with the website design of your choice, be it Flash or HTML.
  • If you already own a website and are looking for a few changes to be made, you can seek the website redesigning services.
  • There are also website designing services that design logos, brochures, flyers, etc. for further enhancement of businesses.

Internet Marketing

  • Internet marketing is essential for promoting your website and bringing traffic to it which further leads to business development.
  • Some of the internet marketing services that the website designing companies provide are SEO services, affiliate marketing, content writing and social media marketing.
  • Based on your budget you can choose the website services that the companies provide.

E-commerce Solutions

  • For a controlled presence online and keeping in track with the present global market scenario you require the right e-commerce solution and this can be obtained from the services of website development companies.
  • Some of the e-commerce solutions that are provided are customized layouts, shopping carts, customer account and management, payment integration and technical support.

Web Hosting Services

  • While there are separate web hosting companies for hosting sites on the internet, there are also a few web designing companies that provide these services as well.
  • Some of the types of web hosting that the companies provide are shared web hosting, cloud web hosting, reseller web hosting, etc.
  • The website designing companies ensure uninterrupted website services and high capacity servers.
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