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Logo design services India

A logo is a graphic mark or emblem commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition. Logos are either purely graphic icons or are composed of the name of the business called typography is the art and technique of arranging type in order to make language visible.

We provide the pixel perfect high impact digital display Logo that convey your message and brand. As we understand the importance of the logo to represent you identity this most meaningful and representation of the business nature.

You can review our creative logo design portfolio to ensure our quality and productivity, we offer the high quality logo in the best price ever in the India web market. We have highly experienced and talented logo designers team which provide the modern design, the creative and open mind designer are always take care of the current trend and always be unique in logo design.

Please create a proper idea in your mind before you order for the logo design, keep a point wise requirement and we will definitely help you with best of out logo design services India.

Questions we ask clients before entering a deal in logo design

Font Selection
Readability is crucial. Once a person sees a logo and immediately understands what the logo meant and what it stood for, the design is greatly designed. Otherwise, if the person has to think first before understanding the logo, it may have become complicated to be understood at first glance. A customer only spends three to five seconds to look at a logo. During that small timeframe, it’s a make or break deal. A perfect test for this would be to print a small design first, perhaps the size of a large sticker, then post it on a wall. Step back a few feet. If you can’t read it, fix it.

Print or Web?
Here’s a tip for colour: CMYK is for print, RGB is for web. While CMYK and RGB both have its pros and cons, it’s the medium that decides which option is best. The rule of thumb is to have both versions for optimal design. Like the print test mentioned before, this works the same. There is difference between RGB and CMYK prints. So make sure that you get both versions.

Logo final formats
Formats must provide versatility. Get both raster and vector files from the designer. Different file formats must be kept. From end products of JPEG formats to raw PSD files, these are all essential to be able to reproduce the logo in various forms of media.

You can order for the logo design by filling the Instant Website Quote form or you can mail us at:, or can directly talk with us on Skype ID: ladmohammad.

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