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Drupal Development
Drupal Development services will find the solutions for Community, Forum, Blogs and Portal based apps or Corporate Web Application.
Drupal is an open source software, only made for Content Management System (CMS) framework, written in PHP. The PHP source code for Drupal is available without any licensing costs, which saves both time and money.
Drupal Development Services by Sirmedia
Sirmedia offers various services for Drupal Development.
Drupal Customization: Our developers can develop any custom functionality for your Drupal site or expand an existing functionality.
Drupal custom templates and themes development: Our developers can create new theme for any version of Drupal from a design you might have or create a new from scratch.
Module installation: Drupal installation without a script can be tricky. Our expert developers can also help with database conversion when upgrading from the old versions of Drupal to new.
Drupal Module Development: We customize and develop different types of Drupal extensions with the requirements of the clients. The primary functionalities of the basic Drupal Package is more powerful. The extensions are customized according to Drupal standards.
Drupal integration with third-party applications: Our developers will integrate Drupal with other applications like SAP, Sage and SugarCRM, phpBB, vBulletin etc.
Drupal Web Development & Maintenance: We excel in web application maintenance and development with including module development for website.
Sirmedia offers following features for Drupal Development:
You can post, revise and categorize your content
You can post comments
You may take part in forums
You can vote in polls
Post and view personal profiles
You can build multi-level menus
Drupal provides users with an interface in their local language provide RSS feeds
Drupal generate easy-to-remember URLs, so that they are easily interpreted by search engines. “Clean Urls” are possible by default on most servers, but some may require specific configuration.
Visit our website to see Drupal development projects and get free quote for any inquiries related to Drupal Web Development projects.

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