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Web hosting recommended by Sirmedia Technologies

What Hosting Provider do ? As we all know, it is really a difficult and costly now a days to find the right web hosting for your website, I have tried so many hosting service but they all are limited while they says unlimited for bandwidth, unlimited for disk space, unlimited domains but we actually know the reality after we purchased the hosting plan the limited memory, the limited CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Entry Processes, Number of Processes, I/O Usage, [...]


Top 5 WordPress Calendar Plugin forever

Are you looking for a WordPress calendar plugin? There are many calendar plugins for WordPress with different set of features and capabilities. From simple event display to more complex booking and ticketing system. In this article, we have hand-picked some of the best WordPress calendar plugins to help you choose the best WordPress calendar plugin for your needs. 1. All in One Event Calendar All in One Events Calendar is a powerful event management plugin for WordPress. It’s intuitive user interface [...]

How to create a Widget Area in WordPress theme

Widget Area is a part of a WordPress theme structure where Widgets can be added.Widget area is normally in right side of main content area or in left side of it.It can be created in header area of website,in footer area of website or in the middle of posts.Almost anywhere you want. Widget areas also referred as Sidebars. To add a Widget Go to Appearance > Widgets and Drag a Widget to a Widget Area.Here you can add available Widgets. Most new [...]

How To Create A Child Theme in WordPress

According to our recent WordPress Themes Survey, 85% of our customers customize their themes, and only 35% use a child theme when doing so. This may be due to a lack of understanding as to what a child theme is, or due to the perceived difficulty of creating one. In this tutorial, we will go over how to create and use child themes, and why using them is so important. (A special note for Elegant Themes customers only: If [...]

Wordpress Blog

How to Create a WordPress-Hosted Blog

Creating a WordPress blog is a quick and easy way to get started posting your writing online and building your name in the blogosphere. You can create a WordPress blog for free through the WordPress website if you don’t have your own webhost, or you can upload the WordPress files to your own domain and create your blog from scratch. Follow this guide to learn how to create your blog in a few short minutes.


How to Make a Website Using WordPress

WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. in recently, WordPress is made become very popular CMS.In this Article we will learn how to create website using WordPress platform. So if you follow following steps then sure you are able to make your website using WordPress.

Developing WordPress Plugin

WordPress CMS is one of the most excellent platforms as it has ability to extend its functionality through plug-ins. Through plug-ins, you can simply perform any function to your site as per your business’s needs. We know that developing WordPress plug-in is bit difficult, but WP has excellent solution so get ready to take advantage of building WP plug-in by your own.